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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

And the journey begins!

Hello all! Right now, I am sitting in Tjitske's bed about to call it a night. But first... I thought I'd fill you all in on my adventures thus far! I left Spokane yesterday (Tuesday) at 1:25 and arrived in Minneapolis a few hours later. Upon arrival, I realized that my next flight (to Amsterdam) was to board 5 minutes later. And it was on the other side of the airport. Minneapolis airport is a tad bit larger than the Spokane port. So, I got there just in time to hear them say "now boarding all rows all zones." BUT there was a very long line still, so I hustled over to get a little bite to eat. When I got back...the line was gone and I heard "last call for flight to Amsterdam." I was like... the last one on. But I made it! So that's all that matters. After flying all night, I got here at 11 this morning. Tjitske (the exchange student we hosted my junior year of high school) was to meet me at the airport. We had discussed that if we couldn't find each other at the arrivals area, we would meet at the Schipol plaza. I spent over an hour going back and forth between these two destinations, with no Tjitske. As I began to enter panic/on the verge of crying mode, I went to the Information desk to ask them to page her. To my surprise, she came up behind me at the page needed! Turns out...there's 4 arrival areas and I had taken a long journey through the airport (because I had no idea where I was going) and ended up at the wrong one. OOPS! From there, we spent a few hours being tourists around Amsterdam. She treated me to a Cappuccino and a canal boat tour. We went to this awesome cafe to get a sandwich, and she told me I got the most Dutch sandwich and I didn't even mean to! And it was delicious. So that's a plus. From there, we ventured back through the very cold, brisk air to the train back to her house. Relaxed for a bit, and went to this awesome pasta venue near her house. Came back, showered, and am now in bed. I'd say it's starting off well! I'm a little nervous about getting back to the airport in the morning...but it should be alright. Thank you all for your interest and support for my trip. I hope to keep you updated regularly!


  1. Glad to see that so far everything is going well sister! Can I suggest a change in font color though? I hate to sound old, but this thing is hard to read!

  2. This thing is very hard to read.

    So glad you're almost there!!

  3. Yaaay Shelly! That sounds like you made the most out of one day in Amsterdam for sure! You're in my thoughts and prayers as you take on your next big flight. Be safe and I love you!

  4. Glad to hear you are on your way! I wish you the best Shelly and can't wait to hear of all your adventures :)

    I too suggest a color change...I had to highlight the page before I could read it :)